Child Abuse Awareness Month of April

let it begin AnnieTomorrow morning when I get up it will be the first day of Child Abuse Awareness Month. April 1st.

Isn’t it funny that it should start on April Fools Day? Your first breath is a little anger that I even thought it. It was mine too! But you know what? It’s appropriate. The perpetrators of child abuse try to fool everyone including their victims that what they are doing is not wrong, that it should be a secret and that there is nothing wrong. April Fools to all who abuse children. We grow up and we KNOW who you are.

My thoughts will be on the children who did not survive. But for the grace of God I would not have survived. My hopes will be for future that doesn’t need a month like this. And a child will be able to speak freely about something heinous happening to them. Keep talking, talking and talking. Take away the possibility of a secret and change a life. We can do this! Make a difference, it has to start somewhere. Let it begin with you and with me. XO ♥ Annie

Happy Easter

I hope that you picked up a Chocolate Bunny for your inner child and that you smile as you chomp off a chocolate ear! Then eat some peeps, (pink or yellow) and some Jelly Beans! Good wishes and good times this Easter sunday. Love and hugs to all. XOXO Namaste, Annie


THIS IS ON MY WALL IN MY OFFICE AND IT REMINDS ME EVERY DAY WHAT IT IMPORTANT. I don’t know who originally wrote it but it is definitly worth sharing.

To make a difference in this world one must first dare to be different. When the truth needs to be spoken, when the work needs to be done, the the help needs to be offered


Confrontation~~ Be ready, Be strong

All survivors want to be strong enough to confront their offender. We work long and hard to be brave enough. We rehearse what we will say. We imagine what they will say and how we will reply over and over in our heads. And then… hey what happened?

They didn’t say what I expected!
They didn’t apologize!
They blamed me!
They called me a liar
They told me to shut up and stop talking about it!
They said get over it, it was a long time ago!
They called me names!
I didn’t practice any of that!

Any of the above fit your situation? Any combination ring true? Personally I think confrontation is very important. However, it is not to be taken lightly. If you are not ready it can be turned on you and hurt you.

Rarely do survivors hear any magical word from their perpetrator that makes it all go away. Mostly it is a disappointing experience in that regard. Your inner child is waiting for the words, I’m sorry and I love you and I see your pain. But the adult self may find them empty. You must be clear about what your needs are.

I didn’t go through this process totally alone. I had counselors and group to discuss my thoughts, needs, wants, deepest desires and the reality of what I would probably hear.

There is great healing in being able to say, “You hurt me.” It takes strength to not let their blame and guilt shifting affect you.

Be ready to hear anything, and be strong. You can do it.


Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others: “a secret plan”.

Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others: “a state secret”.

Adjective. hidden – occult – privy – private – clandestine
Noun. mystery – secrecy – arcanum – confidence

(Arcanum -a secret known only to the members of a small select group

Kelly my pal Head Goddess/Co-host and I went to lunch today to work out details of coming shows and to ponder life as we sometimes do.

Secret. The word secret kept coming up. We all know that this is the pivot on which pedophilia turns our lives upside down and what they thrive on. Those who groom children and then later rape them feed on secrecy like youngsters thrive on vegetables, sunshine and fresh air.

We keep the secret as children out of fear, guilt, threats, cajoling… We all have reason for keeping the secret and they are pretty much the same. THEN, we become adults. Still we feel the need to keep the secret. Now out of a misguided sense of guilt and shame. The longer we keep the secret, the deeper the shame, and then of course the longer we keep the secret. It gets harder and harder to tell. It goes on and on till we are paralyzed in our lives, stuck, pretending there is nothing in our lives to hide, and often still protecting the very people who did not protect us.

Then, WHO do we tell? I felt so dirty and I had no one to tell. Certainly not my family members. I was certain that I would be thrown out of church. I was certain my friends would turn away in disgust.

Roughly 30% (I beleive more) of the population, man and woman, are afflicted by this “secret” and don’t talk.

In 2009 the pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 caused over 18,138 deaths. It was all over the media. Journalist and politicians were all over the tragedy and how to handle this world wide epidemic.
That same year ( 31,000 deaths under the age of 15 were reported due to neglect and abuse. The United States as an industrialized country, lead in this list.

Child abuse and neglect affects over 1 million children every year. Child abuse and neglect costs our nation $220 million every day. For investigations. For foster care. Medical and mental health treatment. And later for special education, juvenile and adult crime, chronic health problems, and other costs across the life span. We will pay a staggering $80 BILLION to address child abuse and neglect in 2012. Child abuse and neglect affect us all. It is an expensive secret to keep.

PLEASE for your sake and the sake of the future: Share your story

EVERYONE Has a Journey~~ by Mia McKinney

Everyone has a journey and a purpose,the pain of life happens and knocks us off course at times. It is in those times there are lessons to be learned. There are great loses rapped in pain that ends with goodbyes we spend our lives trying to recover from. If we try to speed the process we often make wrong turns and find… our self at dead end streets. It is up to us how long we stay there.Each pain and each loss must be handle with care and walked thru, it can’t be ignored or shoved back in because in the end it will find it’s way out whether it be healthy or unhealthy. We can’t prevent loss or hurt but we can choose how it is released.There are a lot of things in this world I don’t understand. One thing I have come to understand though with each pain comes a goodbye, a mourning time of something that once was a piece of our lives, Wither it be a loss of person,thing or a event we fall victim to we must take the time to mourn. During the process we may find  we have placed our self’s in isolation and denial. If just keep everyone away I’ll be safe and I won’t have to deal with it, no one will ever know how I feel including myself. This may work for a time then anger begins to take hold. We can only hold things in for so long then we become like a pressure cooker. Somewhere in the middle of it all we begin to reach for God.We plead for mercy, If he would just make it all go away we would be a better person. We are now at the bargaining stage. Depression and hopelessness begins to sink in because at this point we’ve pushed everyone away and only the fuel of  our anger keeps us going. Reality hits and we are pretty close to rock bottom We have open the door and there stands our pain looking us in the face no turning back now, pretending is all over with. We grasp a hold of what faith we have collected on our journey and we embrace a truth that was there all along the only difference is we learn what the true gift gods grace is. Where at rock bottom and now Jesus can work with us. As we learn to walk in a new light and truth we mustn’t forget our fellow travelers who are on this journey as well. Everyone in the end is searching for the same thing pure unconditional love ,all judgments laid down, a real friend. ~~ Author-  malisia mckinney

Can I count on you, can the kids count on you?


MACA is a non-partisan, grass roots, nationwide effort, to UNITE ALL Child Advocates together in solidarity on April 22, 2013 for peaceful demonstrations against child abuse and crimes against children in the U.S.
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We seek to raise awareness of and ask for tougher sentencing for violent crimes against children in the U.S.
Statistics on crimes against children each year in the U.S. are staggering, sobering and should compel EVERY adult, parent, father, uncle, son, grandfather and all mothers, aunts, daughters, grandmothers and women to be moved to do something… NOW.  At a recent Washington Congressional hearing in June, 2011, experts believe nearly 10 children die each day from abuse. NCANDS, the national database for crimes against children, didn’t receive data from 3 states in their latest report!  States…

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