Mary Graziano~~ Guest Writer June 14, 2013


Dear God, I was bad today
Mommy just told me so,
Don’t know how I could have stopped
Just thought you’d want to know.

When I awoke this morning
And got up out of bed,
I had an accident in my pants
Oh No!!!!!!Mommy’s eyes saw red.

She threw me hard against the floor
I cried in pain and fear,
I tried to cover my ears so tight
So the words I would not hear.

“You dirty, dirty, little thing”
These words were etched in place,
She took my panties off from me
And rubbed poop right in my face.

Oh how I cried, but, with a slap
I shut my mouth that day,
I learned to keep it all inside
Or else I would have to pay.

Dear God I wish that you would speak
To mommies everywhere,
And tell them what they do is wrong
It’s just to much to bare.

And try and make them understand
That the hurt is so very real,
The outer scars will go away
But our inner self won’t heal.

I know I’m just a little girl,
But I know you understand,
And I can come and talk to you
And walk with you hand in hand.

So God I just wanted you to know
Why I was so bad,
Why my mommy got mad at me
And why I feel so sad.

I know I can always count on you
When mommy doesn’t care
For you will always comfort me
When I’m hurt and life’s not fair.

©Mary Graziano

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