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NOVEMBER 13, 2014dr-thomas-downey

Dr Thomas Downey~Sexual Abuse~~ Calling in from Australia!!

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November 21, 2014

banneradforblogtalkradioshows Gloria Haas, How to transform your life!

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 DECEMBER 4, 2014

339ca31David H. Nguyen, Ph.D., Studies Link childhood Trauma and Cancer.

Can you control your health by how you think?  Come listen

David H. Nguyen, Ph.D., is a tumor biologist interested in figuring out why childhood trauma increases a person’s risk of cancer during adulthood. His research seeks to make predictions about the biological mechanisms linking childhood trauma and cancer. He is the founding editor-in-chief of Cancer InCytes magazine, a free public health e-magazine ( that talks about the deep connections between childhood trauma, cancer risk, and social injustice. He has published numerous cancer research articles in peer-reviewed journals and is author of the forthcoming graduate textbookSystems Biology of Tumor Physiology: Rethinking the Past, Defining the Future (Springer Science + Business Media).


 DECEMBER 18, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.21.26 PM

Author of No Working Title – a life in progress–a-life-in-progress

In his own words:

I am currently finalizing the book. I also speak on the issue of the effect of sexual abuse and pornography on boys as they grow into manhood.

The issue of the sexual abuse of women is a topic that has managed to come mainstream and is being addressed, but the issue of the sexual abuse of men, particularly by women is something that is still a taboo or is met with ridicule.

I want to help give voice to the millions of silent men, to help them with a vocabulary to discuss the issues they face.


JANUARY 8, 2015

Badge-Stop-Blog-URLs Bill-LACP-1-orig (1)

Two Talk Show Host? Yes! Welcome Bill Murray host of M-F Stop Child Abuse Now

NOTE from Bill — I’m hoping that after my more than 25 years of sobriety and recovery from all the issues initiated by my severe abuse as a child our new non profit can resonate with hope for those who have found it difficult to share their abuse stories.  I especially encourage sharing in appropriate groups.  This is the beginning of recovery.  Secondly I’m hoping our new effort can help bring attention to a growing problem the scope of which few understand.  Its simply unacceptable that hundreds of thousands of young Americans fall victim to pedophiles, molesters, kidnappers, child ographers and traffickers each year.

It’s believed that 1 in 3 girls is sexually abused, and a general consensus of 1 in 5 to 1 in 7 boys is sexually abused. Some say as many as ninety percent of sexual abuse victims never tell. 2,000 children are reported missing each day in America.

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