Just for today…

I was 33 when I went into therapy for the first time. My life was a mess. I have a pretty rough story but with help and an ocean of tears, day by day, sometimes minute by minute I worked my way through all of it.
I don’t know the details of your story; however, I know it was rough too.
I decided I wanted to be happy. I decided I wanted to live. Then I worked at it. I crawled, and then walked, fell down a lot and finally one day without realizing it, life had changed. I found myself. The biggest obstacle was me. The biggest obstacle was loving myself, believing I was, good enough. That is what your perpetrator; rapist, abuser and (fill in your own word here) gave you as a legacy. I say… give it back to them.
You have to make a decision. Then you have to do whatever it takes to make that decision a reality. YOU deserve to be happy. More importantly you deserve to find peace and an inner stillness. You deserve to be understood. You are important. Believe that. Come post to me anytime you need cheer leader. I’m never more than a screen away.
It was once thought that I would never get here, but here I am! I am holding the light out for you and so are many are others. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Find your peace, your truth. Namaste! Annie


“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

It seems that the concept of Karma is mentioned in all religions and cultures and it is ancient wisdom.

We are responsible to ourselves, to others, to the community and ultimately the planet.  Everything we do as an individual causes a ripple through time and space.  Good or bad.  What does the this have to do with child abuse? 

A 9 year old child is raped.  Think it doesn’t affect you?  It does.  The cost of this childs broken spirit can be a life lost.  It can be a future of addictions, criminal behavior and self abuse that cost society dearly in human terms and in dollars spent through our civic systems.  It could mean a child that grows up to abuse or neglect thier own children.

Don’t ignore it.   It haunts us all.

Let us sow an environment of peaceful co-existance, a safe haven for our children and for everyone else and reap the harvest in the very next generation.