MARCH 12, 2014 AT 530 am PORTLAND oREGON

What to say!  I’ve been horribley sick.  All nerves.  Nothing wrong with me.  I’m at my daughters house, we had my favorite dinner of Corned Beef  Yum.  Orange Jello cake  ( I know I Know I am going to be sick of jello I am told.) I could barely eat it.  But I assure you it was all delish!

Leaving the house at 4:00 AM  Arrive OHSU 530.  Surgery at 730.  5-6 hours later I will have a new neck! New future!  

Yes I am indeed nervous, but confident!  Its been a roller coaster.  Not in my hands any more.

So  I’m off to bed.  My son will post after the surgery for me and let you all know whats going on and how it went.

I do so want to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and prayers.  It helps to know so many people are in my corner.  At a time that could be so dark you have all brought in the light.

Love and hugs and I will check in with you in a few days…    Namaste  Annie

9 DAYS AND COUNTING, Surgery,… The Final Frontier!

Surgery is scheduled in Portland and so on March 12, for better or worse life will change.  I’m of course banking on for better.  I have a terrific team there and so I am feeling very confident. 

Its been difficult to  say the least, to keep up with all my social media. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Group, the Radio show and of course this blog and taken a hit.  Doctor Appointments and travel to accomdate all that has been a trial.  I was caught in the ice and snow storm up in Portland a few short weeks ago.  Then the next trip an avalance closed the only road in to my daughters house where I stay for all these doctor appointments.  And then…. as if all of that was not enough they had an alternate road to go around the avalanche with a head on collision that closed it closed it for hours.  Its been a wicked winter!

I am having three cadaver bones to replace three disc in my throat and  a titanium plate. The other three disc will be cleand up.  I will  be an in-patient 3-4 days, convalence at my daughters for two weeks, then, the long drive home (my son is driving not me, I will be drugged)  for another 6 weeks.  Physical therapy after that.   Sounds grueling doesn’t it? 

My Life?  Four things were stolen from me as a kid. 

*1-My Child Hood *2-My brain ie. thought processes  *3-my spirituality and with time  *4-the past physical trauma to a small body began to show.

Ten plus years of therapy/couseling/group etc. to get my brains in order to learn to trust my thoughts to just find peace in my own head.. I spent a few more years working on my spirituality.  I was angry with God. Yes I sure was! Angry, disappointed and abandoned. I had to learn to find peace in my own heart.  My childhood memories have most often been the good ones returned to me through old friends that through the magic of internet media found me.  I would never have reconnected with them had there been no internet.  My children showed me how to be a child in so many ways, including a Mother~Daughter slumber party when they discovered I’d never had on as a kid.  They planned it and it was so fun.  Now I have a memory. 

This is the final leg.  I am getting my body back.   All these long years of problems from beatings, repeated rape and abuse have come to a head.

Surgery: The Final Frontier.  I am taking my body back.  I will be whole.  I am blessed, and Life Is Good!  XOXO  Annie