MARCH 12, 2014 AT 530 am PORTLAND oREGON

What to say!  I’ve been horribley sick.  All nerves.  Nothing wrong with me.  I’m at my daughters house, we had my favorite dinner of Corned Beef  Yum.  Orange Jello cake  ( I know I Know I am going to be sick of jello I am told.) I could barely eat it.  But I assure you it was all delish!

Leaving the house at 4:00 AM  Arrive OHSU 530.  Surgery at 730.  5-6 hours later I will have a new neck! New future!  

Yes I am indeed nervous, but confident!  Its been a roller coaster.  Not in my hands any more.

So  I’m off to bed.  My son will post after the surgery for me and let you all know whats going on and how it went.

I do so want to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and prayers.  It helps to know so many people are in my corner.  At a time that could be so dark you have all brought in the light.

Love and hugs and I will check in with you in a few days…    Namaste  Annie

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