If only you didn’t feel this way…

You can’t tell your story because you think it isn’t as bad as someone else. Maybe you can’t tell you story because you believe it’s too ugly. I ask you this…. if you are stabbed in the heart are you any less damaged by how you were stabbed? I don’t think so. After years and years of therapy I have witnessed first-hand… The pain is all the same. The damage comes from how we were conditioned to think about it. The healing comes from coming together and talking about it.

2 thoughts on “If only you didn’t feel this way…

  1. I am a survivor of 18 years of emotional abuse because my husband was sexually abused as a child by his older brother. Gabe, my husband, doesn’t show me any affection, we don’t have sex, and he is not able to empathise with me nor for me. I’m only 46 and I feel like an angry and bitter old woman.

    • I’m so sorry. Abuse doesn’t end as we leave home. We take the scars and lessons learned with us. Until we realize we need to and can find a better way the abuse continues in our lives.

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