Child Abuse Awareness Month of April

let it begin AnnieTomorrow morning when I get up it will be the first day of Child Abuse Awareness Month. April 1st.

Isn’t it funny that it should start on April Fools Day? Your first breath is a little anger that I even thought it. It was mine too! But you know what? It’s appropriate. The perpetrators of child abuse try to fool everyone including their victims that what they are doing is not wrong, that it should be a secret and that there is nothing wrong. April Fools to all who abuse children. We grow up and we KNOW who you are.

My thoughts will be on the children who did not survive. But for the grace of God I would not have survived. My hopes will be for future that doesn’t need a month like this. And a child will be able to speak freely about something heinous happening to them. Keep talking, talking and talking. Take away the possibility of a secret and change a life. We can do this! Make a difference, it has to start somewhere. Let it begin with you and with me. XO ♥ Annie

One thought on “Child Abuse Awareness Month of April

  1. By the grace of God I survived. That’s why I’m writting my book to help people heal. And my cause: Lets Get Congress to Bail Our Children Out Now!. I want to go to Washington, DC., to tell my story.and get laws created to help protect children. But I can’t do it alone.There are multitudes of perpertrators out there we need multitudes of people to fight them. We must declare war. I have 8,458 members in my cause and only a few have commited to go with me. I’ve been asking for volunteers, advice,etc. for three and a half years. I’m willing to merge or join forces with other causes and groups. This is about the CHILDREN.Not control or recognizen.
    Toni Ivory

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