Margaret Hodge Pleads “Naivety” To Turning Her Back on Sexually Abused Children


Researching Reform

It seems there are no limits to how low politicians will stoop to protect their mist-thin honour or to avoid a, well deserved, lambasting by the public and the press.

And Margaret Hodge is no exception. As a councillor for Islington in 1973 and lead councillor no less for a decade (since 1982), she simply chose to ignore the many child victims that came forward to detail horrific incidents of rape and other forms of sexual abuse. One home in her borough for example, ran what were known as “Savile Taxis”, widely believed to be taxis sent to the home on behalf of Jimmy Savile, who would then ferry several children to and from his location. This practice was commonplace, and frequent at the home, yet Ms Hodge never investigated.

Like all politicians who place self interest above serving their constituents, Hodge then went on to become Children’s Minister.

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