Quality of Life = Quality of Questions

I grew up feeling so very  alone, disconnected, angry, lost sad and very desperate!  Was this my life I wondered?  Was this some joke forced on me by the universe?  Was I a science experiment to see how much a human can tolerate?

I wanted……………………………….   something.  I was empty inside.  What was it I was missing?  I didn’t even know.

The chaos at home would drowned out my own thoughts which were  replaced by those of my parents.  Their screaming “I hate you!” and “You are bad” and my favorite, “Wait till you grow up, then you will  see how it  really is.”

I did grow up and you know what?  I do see how it really is.

While I asked those questions about my life, like, “Why me?”  I felt pain.  I felt my heart breaking.  I held on to the loneliness, the depression, the anger and I hated my life!  I did this for many years and I struggled for perspective and meaning from a past that had none!

Then there were a few years of, Who am I really? and What is my purpose here?  My life began to turn around in big ways.  One day I found myself asking, what am I grateful for?  Who and what do I love?  Is there a way to serve and make meaning so that my life matters?  I have friends who have marveled at the peace I have today.

What I want you to know is this:  You quality of life is in so many ways determined by the quality of the questions in your heart, mind and soul.  Change your questions for just 10 days.  See how you feel about it.





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