I WAITED! (trigger warning)

I recently moved and as is common I came a cross a box I had forgotten about.  Before I knew it I found myself lost in the past.  Reading and reading and reading, shaking my head at a past that should never have happened to me or to anyone else. This time though I am reading it as a mere observer and I give many, many thanks to many years of good counseling and therapist and hard work  for the ability to do that.

Therapy notes, letters, and many written words that never made it into my book, Can You Hear Me Now?  made a surprise appearance!

There are approximately 95 MILLION adults abused as children in the United States today.  There is an unspeakable number of children experiencing what you are about to read.  Children live this for years.  Can you really turn away because it is too difficult to see? Hear? Acknowledge and say…  NO MORE!

This was written many years ago in counseling when I could not bring myself to talk aloud about my own life.  I think it’s worth sharing.


The “REAL” Daddy


I waited in the dark.  I feign sleep terrified of what the darkness will bring to me.  I wait for the hushed viciousness of a voice that is no longer human to my ears.  I wait for the face that becomes grotesque and monstrous in the dark. I wait, for hands that will crawl over my body like the slime of snakes and worms and rot.   I consider poking my eyes out so that I can’t see when it comes into my room.  I know it will come.  I wait in the dark like a hunted animal sweating and shivering.  It’s not cold.

I can’t scream out for help as I hear more than see the door knob turn.  I try but it dies, dry in my throat, not even a croak.  And then, stealthy, it comes to me.  I wait knowing there is no escape.  I wait knowing there will be pain.  I wait knowing no one cares.  I wait knowing no one can stop this.

Now I wait for the screaming I hear in my head to stop.

We all wait for that.

4 thoughts on “I WAITED! (trigger warning)

  1. Hi. Good to hear you talking about your situation! I wanted to let you and the others know FB blocked me from entering their site, due to brining forth the truth… a true story. Thanks for your time and understanding. citrus county coverup.org look at top. Click on News Stories. Look to left, click on David Clark. Scroll down to story and pictures. I lost my son who was 5 mos. old when taken by my ex and her boyfriend. ( we were still married) My son is now 22 years old, and will have nothing to do with me, due to his mother’s poisoning his mind.

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