Hope and the end of your torment… This is indeed the most difficult concept for survivors to achieve. Once you find that hope and you can recognize it you are well on the way. It won’t happen over night, but it will. When I was 30 I thought my life was over. By the time I was 33 I was exhausted by my own life and the constant struggle to be “normal.” What a word. N*O*R*M*A*L. If the statistics tell us anything it is that there really is no such thing. We are indeed normal in our anger and outrage at what happened in the past. Of course we are angry. THAT is a “normal” reaction to a terrible event! Own that! Feel it! Then, when you are done let it go. Why? Because it is not productive for you to hold onto. That anger will destroy you and hold you prisoner. So take out, look at it, bet it to death somehow if you need to, more than once even, but then… send it out into the universe, to your higher power, whoever or whatever you might perceive that to be. Your pain will go with it…

3 thoughts on “(H) HANG (O) ON (P) PAIN (E) ENDS HOPE!

  1. Annie, this is so true, You have to let go of the anger, It builds up inside of you until you explode, and that is not a good thing. You have to have hope, because without it what is left? Hope gives you that dream of your tomorrows, that you will overcome this, hope keeps you alive..<3

  2. I liked your post Annie. Anger can eat at people and it is not good for you both physically and mentally. My anger was directed at God after my son was killed, I overcame that anger and released it in one cathartic moment. Annies message is one of hope and being a survivor and not a victim, and yes what is “normal”. Good question.

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