2 thoughts on “LETS HEAR IT FROM YOU

  1. I enjoy your site so much Annie. You are such and inspiration and I admire you. I read that you are a Marine and I’m proud and honored to be able to work with veterans every day. I thank all of you who have served our country.

    Your last posting, about blame….is so true. We who have been victimized, carry the blame for so many things. Our self esteem suffered greatly through the abuse. In my case I felt that if my own mother didn’t believe me, didn’t feel that I was important enough for her to help me, then who else would? I must have not been a good person; shame, guilt, and blame set in…deep into my soul. Sadly, this is the case with so many precious victims.

    Thank you Annie. I’m so happy that your life turned around and that now you have peace.

    God bless you, Elise http://www.thirtyyearsofsilence.com

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