One thought on “COMING EVENTS!

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    Annie O’Sullivan, the fabulous Author/Advocate/Speaker is host of her show, ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ every Friday evening at 9pm e.s.t./ 8pm c.s.t./ 6pm p.s.t. through our Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Talk Radio Programming. Be sure to stay up to date with all her shows along with ‘Generation No More’ and ‘Survivors World’ broadcast by clicking on the ‘FOLLOW’ button on our show’s home page, visit for all information. You can also visit our home website at Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery for links to our show information, resources of help and support from fascinating authors/speakers/writers/orgs & foundations all here to help you find your new beginning in life. Never give up on your dreams, you are so worth the fight!!! Thank you to Annie O for being part of our fastest growing radio programs, with over 11,000 listens in just 9 short weeks – simply fabulous!!!

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