For people who do not want to know what really happens

Interesting conversation today.  My nail tech has been bragging up my book!  Wonderful news, make me feel good.  She’s enthusiastically encouraging others to buy it, borrow it and somehow read it! Another lady who works in the salon was talking to me today that she wants to support me, but she just can’t do it.  She just doesn’t want to know that these things happen.  She doesn’t want to know about ugly things in the world.  And she said it so sweetly, so earnestly and honestly.

If only….

If only it were that easy to make it stop,  just don’t look, turn away, go deaf and blind

If only……  She has four young daughters.  I told her that statistically it could already be one of her daughters.  She said, Oh that’s silly, they would tell me.

My reply,   Don’t think they don’t know how you feel about hearing and seeing the ugly things.  Don’t think that they don’t love you for it ….  they do.  If the unthinkable happens…  they will hate you for it.

If only we lived in a world where this was an open conversation and children were made safe armed with knowledge that they do have rights about thier bodies.

Maybe someday.

6 thoughts on “For people who do not want to know what really happens

  1. I commend both of you, Annie and Trudy. You’ve said it just as it should be said. How long will we hide? How many more years will we sweep this tragedy under the very heavy rug? Are those who bury their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t happen, carrying an unthinkable secret deep within them that they cannot not come to terms with? But it is those of us, who have suffered and have the courage to rise up and do all that we can do to be a voice for the precious victims in the world.
    God bless you…
    Elise McGhee, author (and 30 year incest survivor).
    Thirty Years of Silence

    • Thank You Elise. It is quite unthinkable that this should continue to be a burden for anyone with eyes or a heart. Thank you so much for posting and supporting. (Also I will check out your book) XO Annie

  2. See no evil hear no evil… Yet there are scars that testify to evil. If only turning a blind eye stopped it, then it would have ended ‘forever ago’. We will continue to write, to tell, and break the silence.

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