Finding a Voice for Everyone in 2015

422726_386439844701943_100000077927871_1530684_216479153_nAccording to the research the number one effective means good health is to share your story. Tell your story. Talk. Talk. Talk. Write. Write. Write. Doesn’t matter if it is through art, music, poetry or written story. I do ask that artwork is accompanied by a short description. Expression is key!

books deb aYou ’re probably all getting our resolutions ready for 2015. Year after year, one of my personal resolutions is to write more. And I bet a few of you out there have that resolution, too. Looking for a framework to help you write more? Then you’ll definitely want to apply to the Featured Blogger program – we ask you to write 12 posts, once a week, over the course of a few months. Intrigued? Get more details by contacting me at

I’m looking to keep the momentum going with a bunch of fresh, fascinating new voices who can write about everything from the best way get a good night sleep to how to create the most effective outline for your story if you are writing and everything in between.

Not a writer you say? There will be help available to get you a good published article that you will be proud of…

The details: I’m looking for 10 (or more!) great survivor or survivor advocate25519_10150154452540545_6896954_n voices to blog once a week for the Survivor community throughout February and March and April. If this is successful it will become a permanent part of the blog.. I want you to write about subjects you think are important — from experiences in your life, to the way childhood trauma has impacted your life, your job, to tips on how to increase your life satisfaction. — really, anything that strikes your fancy. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, and we want it on Broken Until Spoken.

What’s in it for you? A lot (I think — but I’m biased!). In addition to having your writing read by our survivor community of 10-15,000, you’ll get:

  • A featured slot on Broken Until Spoken every time you post
  • Promotion of your posts to our social network communities of over LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Tumbler, WAYN, Pinterest, my personal 4 Facebook pages and over 100 group pages plus your own and those groups we all share with.
  • Recognition of your efforts, your growth and status
  • Great published clips, and a great line on your resume!
  • Discuss, your book, your music your art, your life triumphs and frustrations
  • An opportunity to see if you like to blog without the hassle of creating your own site
  • You will change a life for the better

If you’re interested in entering, it’s easy. All you have to do is email with three blog post ideas, a writing sample, and your background. Please use the subject: Featured Blogger.”

Any questions? Leave a comment on this post, or email I’m looking forward to your ideas, thoughts, and content, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

We’ll be accepting applications until January 15th for February. Those chosen as featured bloggers will be notified December 19th. Featured bloggers will need to start writing once a week starting the week of February 1st, and will finish their stint the week of March April 27th .Contact me, Annie O’Sullivan at Lets start 2015 off with a Voice!

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