Let’s give em something to talk about!

This is the page of activists. hours have been spent sending invites to other activist who say”what a great idea!”  Less than 1% have sent photos. Liking and saying going isn’t going to change anything in the world. Action, making a visible statement will. These numbers reflect what we see and feel every day in society.

Apathy, fear of being connected to a heinous crime, and denial alive in our own survivor community? WE can’t pray it way.  We have tried.  We can’t make laws to end it. We have tried.  One person can’t change it.  We have tried that too.

Change and education will not happen unless we stand together and stand up.  Power to change things for the next 6 million children who will join us as survivors in the next 12 months will not happen if we can not come together in the survivor community.

25519_10150154452540545_6896954_nA duct tape photo tells the whole story without saying a word. It also allows those who simply support a movement to participate. I believe that in order to change the way things are, to get people the help they need and to see serious societal change we have to stop being invisible. We don’t need more law, we need more enforcement. WE need to stand together and make a statement.

April will be here before we know it.  I believe we can do this.  My video project may fall apart.  But that will be OK if 314221_10151012701552407_714951380_nyou are willing to at the very least make a statement on your FB page in April by posting a duct tape photo for the month.


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