Guest writer~*~A Survivors’ letter to herself as a little girl….

I want you to know that when you were little and when things happened to you, none of it was your fault!  The perp that hurt you and forced you to do things was wrong and should be punished!  You are safe now and have grown up to be successful and mature beyond your years because of your trauma.

You have a discernment in knowing people deeply and knowing who you can trust and not trust.  You know in your heart who you really are and what you mean to so many others.  You love to help others that have been in your situation and have succeeded!  People respect you and love you regardless of your abuse and what happened.  Don’t ever from this day forward ever blame yourself for what happened to you because, again, it was not your fault.  It was out of your control!  You were a little girl.  No one has the right to hurt or harm you in any way ever.

Please stay strong and love yourself as you do others!  God loves you.  I love you.  I am always here for you.  I’m your shadow and your piece of mind/.

We will get through this and be OK.

with love, HC

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