WE! As in You and I, Need YOUR SELFIE!!

Broken Until Spoken

I as in WE, the survivor community have a filming opportunity coming up to be presented in April for Child Abuse Prevention supported by a producer at PBS.  This has the potential to be huge for awareness and for bringing the survivor community together. This film will  be available for re-posting via YOU TUBE in April and beyond.   You only need to be a supporter of the survivor community.

I am going to be filmed during an interview discussing statutes of limitations, Child Sexual Abuse  population, cost, statutes of limitations, pain, part of my story, what children today are living through behind closed doors, what adult survivors of abuse carry with them today and why I do all this.  I will also be talking about why we call all this a SILENT CRIME, ergo, the duck tape.

I need selfies or photos sent to me similar to the ones you see here.You don’t…

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