Faulty Program? Re-write it

Why aren’t we living our dreams?  Programming!  Yes I believe it is our programming as children that holds us back or pushes us forward and molds us in directions that were never really intended by the universe.  We can get twisted and frustrated away from the direction we want to go because of faulty programming.

We can change that! Just like your computer you can re-write your own program.  Your life choices are often an expression of your level of awareness.  Awareness = Programming in this conversation.  Your awareness (programming) is blocked by old thought processes.   Whatever you want to improve, you must change your programming which blocks you. This can apply to anything you want.

Once you are aware, you can change.  It might involve getting up – falling down and getting up again. This is part of learning.  This is part of moving forward.  It’s worth it.  You can do it.

How? you ask.   READ, Talk, Discuss life with those you trust and respect.  Join a group.  Start a group.  Question yourself and instead of declaring why you can’t ask ‘Why not?”

Never say, “I can’t do that!”  Instead say, “How can I do that?”



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