Blog Talk Radio w/ Annie and Guest Michael Skinner

Follow the link to December 13 show with writer/musician Michael Skinner

Michael reads The Silence of Suicide

This is a powerful read.  You wont want to miss it.  Also listen to 930 Train, one of his musical peices that can be found at :  for more music and then on to where you can find a wealth of resources and sign up for his news letter!

Can You Hear Me Now – Radio Show Every Friday @ 6 Pacific Time

 Can You Hear Me Now with hosts Annie O’ Sullivan and Kelly Behr – candid conversations concerning the past and much more importantly the future.  Our guest Michael Skinner has walked your road and come out the other side.

Using humor and compassion, Michael takes listeners on a journey from child victimization, mental health, legal and medical systems to his current career as a successful musician and award winning speaker. 

Tonight’s show features Michael’s reading his chapter, “The Silence of Suicide”(c) from the book, “Our Encounters with Suicide”

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