From my book, Can You Hear Me Now? p226

I was once just a little girl and fragile.  I was my parents incomplete thought in the backseat of a car at conception and the creature that would go on to ruin their lives. I was without substance, courage, appreciation or understanding.  I believed I was treated so badly because I was so very wicked.  I was self serving and cared only for my own survival.  I would not risk extra whippings or death to save my younger brothers.  I believed I was an undeserving and worthless character whom my parents did not want and of whom God disapproved.  As I got older, I was just as certain I would live, grow and leave my hell.  If I could endure to escape that house-hold, I would do something that mattered.  I would make sure my life mattered somehow.  

Today I know I was never that little child.  I also know that none of you were that little person either. We were all tough as nails or we would not be here to complain abou it.  You all matter because you are here.  You and I, we, have nothing to prove. We are responsible for today. We are responsible for our future.  We are responsible for convincing our inner child that it is not their fault and it is over.  My wish for you? 3-FirstMemories

Be happy. Find peace.  Namaste


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