How’s your morning going? Some of you are actually getting ready for bed! Crazy all the connections made on the internet isn’t it?

My kids and grandkids are here this week. I find myself watching them and thinking this morning about the cycle of abuse and how important it is to stop it with you. I was blessed with incredibly good counselors and as I struggled down that healing journey I was often told, “This pain.this dysfunction in your family line, will stop with you.” IT did! If my life is a testimony of getting thru childhood abuse, then my children and especially my grandchildren are a testimony of the success.

When children are raised with love and confidence in who they are, given the tools to understand right and wrong with strong boundaries they will begin, even at the age of 7, to be examples to others. My granddaughter proved this to me.

She was at school out on the playground with a couple of her chums. One of them her “BFF”. They were making fun (in a very mean way) of another little girl and wanted Isabelle to chime in. She did not. She told them it was not nice and , “NO!” So the other two girls started picking on Isabelle as well. She walked, marched, over to Mary (Not her real name) took her hand and said, “Come on, they are not our friends.” She took the girl to the office and was this quiet little girls advocate. When she got home she told her mother (My daughter who raised this marvelous little creature) “Take Katy’s (Not her real name) name out of our phone book. We can’t be friends.”

I am so proud of my little family. Tools! Awareness of boundaries! Boundaries that many survivors don’t have or learn as adults the best they can! How important! If they are given the tools even a 7 year old can make a difference in a life. Just caring about what is right and wrong.

IT did indeed stop with me. Let it stop with you too!

I can hear them waking up! Time to go hug grand babies! Have a marvelous Saturday, Check out the show on BlogTalk. It can be downloaded and listened anywhere you have a device! if you have a minute or two. Rebecca Kimbel is terrific! I will check in later. ❤ ❤ ❤

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