Hidden tears

My journey to neurodivergent joy

I hide my face from the world
As I let tears fall
My past drips away

As I turn my face
And see your smile
My past floats away

As I let you in
My heart opens
My past is less painful

As I shed a tear
I see your face
My pain eases


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SWITCHING TIME, KAREN OVERHILL Can You Hear Me Now? With Annie and Kelly on Blogtalk tonight 6PM Pacific Time!!!

Karen Overhill with her book, Switching Time

One afternoon in 1989, Karen Overhill walks into psychiatrist Richard Baer’s office complaining of vague physical pains and depression. Odder still, she reveals that she’s suffering from a persistent memory problem. Routinely, she “loses” parts of her day. Her problems are so pervasive that she often feels like an impersonator in her own life….

Annie and Kelly have an conversation about the past and MUCH more importantly the future! YOURS! In can be WONDERFUL!


Happy Mothers Day! Instead ??


Many, like myself, sometimes feel the push and pull of Mothers Day as a bit of a struggle. Do we pay homage to a mother we feel neglected her obligation to protect us? Many survivors have stopped talking to their mothers out of self preservation because the relationship continues to be painful, unhealthy and toxic. The card companies make a great deal of money by making us feel guilty for not doing enough.

Celebrate instead that you are a mother to your children. Celebrate the times you did the best you could. Celebrate the times you cried with pride at who they have become and who you see them becoming. Celebrate your love as a mother who is doing or has done the best you could. I am going to go buy myself a muffin and a latte! Happy Mothers Day to me and you!



Hope and the end of your torment… This is indeed the most difficult concept for survivors to achieve. Once you find that hope and you can recognize it you are well on the way. It won’t happen over night, but it will. When I was 30 I thought my life was over. By the time I was 33 I was exhausted by my own life and the constant struggle to be “normal.” What a word. N*O*R*M*A*L. If the statistics tell us anything it is that there really is no such thing. We are indeed normal in our anger and outrage at what happened in the past. Of course we are angry. THAT is a “normal” reaction to a terrible event! Own that! Feel it! Then, when you are done let it go. Why? Because it is not productive for you to hold onto. That anger will destroy you and hold you prisoner. So take out, look at it, bet it to death somehow if you need to, more than once even, but then… send it out into the universe, to your higher power, whoever or whatever you might perceive that to be. Your pain will go with it…

Keep going!


Pen Relief has gone from strength to strength over the last few weeks and many of you have written, in various styles, and we thank you for that. We also thank those of you who have written but have not wanted to publish them. The aim is to get it off your chest and many of you have achieved this by writing in to Pen Relief so keep doing it. You can write about any issue to penrelief@gmail.com.

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Next time


Am going to try my best, to get it off my chest

Pen Relief, I will share my grief

And let you do the rest.

OCD is killing me, depression gets me down

Although I try to smile a bit, I end up with a frown.

My partner is in denial, so I’m sentenced without a trial

The judge says it will be grand, I say its out of hand.

No one listens to what I say

They hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

As bright as it gets, everyone forgets, that I wear a frown

I take all advice and so now I write it down.

The cures not there, the pain still aches

My family say “For Gods sakes”.

She says “ The problem is all inside your head”

I say “ No kidding, can I hear something else instead”.

I will write some more, it’s not a…

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