I spoke with someone to day who is so ashamed of the past and who believes they are so broken they can never heal. “I get up everyday and put on my fake face. I plow through the day, smiling in the right places, laughing on cue and it is all an act!” She began to cry. “How could you really do this?”

Here is the truth. It is hard work. It doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t happen if you try to go it alone. 10 long years. That is what it took me. If you know my story, you know that I’ve been through the fire and out the other side. You can do this.

You survived! As an adult you are at least as strong as the child you once were. Hold onto that.
You Survived! As an adult you have better information and knowledge. Use it!

Please think about this. Be as kind to yourself as you would any stranger on the street who tells you their story. You would never blame or define them. Please don’t define yourself by this one aberration in your life. You were violated and abused! You are not a victim. Your abuser is a criminal.

My abuser was a Rapist and child trafficker. I am not. Neither are you. Be strong. You are not alone, draw strength from that. ~~*~~ Namaste’


The Back and Forth-ness of Leaving An Abuser

A Cry For Justice

I may have mentioned before that it took me three years to leave my abuser. I tried to leave once but had little resources, no support and four small children, including a newborn. I was convinced to come back out of sheer necessity. For the next three years, I would claw my way out of the paradigm I has known for so long. I would speak with good friends, who were honest with me about the abuse . . . then I turned away from them, cutting them off (my ex-husband convincing me they were evil) . . . then, months later, ask for help, again, from these incredibly patient friends. And on and on the cycle continued. I wonder how discouraged my friends were. My life was a yo-yo of confusion. I knew he was abusive but everything pulled me back. It was like I was in a cult…

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Help AID Oklahoma Tornado Victims: Help Save the Next Life

this isn’t typical of my blog, but so important. Namste’


The tragic tornado in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20, 2013 left many victims in it’s wake.

There is an immediate and urgent need for donations and assistance.

Because Susan Murphy Milano spent a lot of time assisting with unsolved cases in Oklahoma, ImaginePublicity and Ice Cube Press will be donating all profits from the sale of her books until June 1, 2013. Many of the families she worked with were very close to the storms that devastated Moore, Oklahoma. These families meant the world to her, often welcoming her into their homes and treating her kindly.

Susan Murphy Milano, Oklahoma families, ImaginePublicity

Susan’s books address a storm of another nature, the tornado within a violent family. She was born into it, she lived it, and she survived, going on to become one of the nation’s most outspoken advocates for victims of violence.

Within her books readers will learn about her personal life, the chaos…

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SWITCHING TIME, KAREN OVERHILL Can You Hear Me Now? With Annie and Kelly on Blogtalk tonight 6PM Pacific Time!!!

Karen Overhill with her book, Switching Time

One afternoon in 1989, Karen Overhill walks into psychiatrist Richard Baer’s office complaining of vague physical pains and depression. Odder still, she reveals that she’s suffering from a persistent memory problem. Routinely, she “loses” parts of her day. Her problems are so pervasive that she often feels like an impersonator in her own life….

Annie and Kelly have an conversation about the past and MUCH more importantly the future! YOURS! In can be WONDERFUL!


Happy Mothers Day! Instead ??


Many, like myself, sometimes feel the push and pull of Mothers Day as a bit of a struggle. Do we pay homage to a mother we feel neglected her obligation to protect us? Many survivors have stopped talking to their mothers out of self preservation because the relationship continues to be painful, unhealthy and toxic. The card companies make a great deal of money by making us feel guilty for not doing enough.

Celebrate instead that you are a mother to your children. Celebrate the times you did the best you could. Celebrate the times you cried with pride at who they have become and who you see them becoming. Celebrate your love as a mother who is doing or has done the best you could. I am going to go buy myself a muffin and a latte! Happy Mothers Day to me and you!