Next time


Am going to try my best, to get it off my chest

Pen Relief, I will share my grief

And let you do the rest.

OCD is killing me, depression gets me down

Although I try to smile a bit, I end up with a frown.

My partner is in denial, so I’m sentenced without a trial

The judge says it will be grand, I say its out of hand.

No one listens to what I say

They hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

As bright as it gets, everyone forgets, that I wear a frown

I take all advice and so now I write it down.

The cures not there, the pain still aches

My family say “For Gods sakes”.

She says “ The problem is all inside your head”

I say “ No kidding, can I hear something else instead”.

I will write some more, it’s not a…

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