Happy Mothers Day! Instead ??


Many, like myself, sometimes feel the push and pull of Mothers Day as a bit of a struggle. Do we pay homage to a mother we feel neglected her obligation to protect us? Many survivors have stopped talking to their mothers out of self preservation because the relationship continues to be painful, unhealthy and toxic. The card companies make a great deal of money by making us feel guilty for not doing enough.

Celebrate instead that you are a mother to your children. Celebrate the times you did the best you could. Celebrate the times you cried with pride at who they have become and who you see them becoming. Celebrate your love as a mother who is doing or has done the best you could. I am going to go buy myself a muffin and a latte! Happy Mothers Day to me and you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day! Instead ??

  1. I couldn’t have said it better! I do not have children, but I have six cats and I love them dearly. In addition, I am celebrating the women in my life who have contributed to my personal and professional growth.

  2. Annie, very well said. My feelings about Mother’s Day exactly. I celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother to my two wonderful children. They aren’t perfect human beings and neither am I. I love them both with all my heart and they both know it. They have never had to wonder if I loved them. I have always told them and still do today even through they are both in their heading toward 40 in a few more years. I appreciate you and the work that you do here and on your radio program. Wishing you a glorious Mother’s Day too.

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