How to Help Child Abuse Continue! BE SILENT AND BLIND


I was headed to bed tonight thinking to myself, “Sheesh! I can’t think of anything to write for my Blog again tonight? Whats the problem?”

I walk over to shut the laptop down and see the headline, FATHER ACCUSED OF ASSAULT. I read on, it is yet another sad and sick tale of abuse. This one was a 6 month old with a couple of broken bones and a bruised head. It gets better.
The babe would not stop crying so he stuck the baby in the freezer!

Doing what I do I hear this stuff on a daily basis. Sad but true, these grisly stories are part of the scenery in my life. The story is not what got my attention and prompted this post.

It was in the remarks! I am infuriated.

One said, I no longer read anything with these sick headlines. Another post, No one wants to hear about things like this. and yet another, when I see a headline that smacks of any sort of abuse I click to the next story. And the best of all, I will stop purchasing the media that produces this kind of story, this is not what decent people want to know about!

To every one of those people I say this! Why don’t you just line right up along side the pedophile you want to ignore. Your attitude helps him or her find their next victim successfully. While you are at it, be sure to ignore the guy/gal beating his kid. I’m not sure I understand how your brain works, but I know this. YOU are part of the problem. Silence only punishes an innocent life twice. Once by the perpetrator and the second time by you, the one who covered your ears and eyes because if you don’t see it, it happens again! and again! and again!

I hope this makes someone besides myself angry enough to repost and share and share again. This is a HUGE part of the problem. I hope you are angry. If you saw the article, I hope you took a look at the remarks. And I hope you are angry enough to post or write or share your thoughts somewhere… Anywhere.

6 thoughts on “How to Help Child Abuse Continue! BE SILENT AND BLIND

  1. This is a huge problem. I am a child sex trafficking and abuse survivor. When I was growing up, I tried to get help more times than I can count. Nobody helped. Today, I work on anti-human trafficking programs, and people don’t understand when I tell them this is a problem in our country – right down the street. You are right. Turning a blind eye is being part of the problem.

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