I spoke with someone to day who is so ashamed of the past and who believes they are so broken they can never heal. “I get up everyday and put on my fake face. I plow through the day, smiling in the right places, laughing on cue and it is all an act!” She began to cry. “How could you really do this?”

Here is the truth. It is hard work. It doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t happen if you try to go it alone. 10 long years. That is what it took me. If you know my story, you know that I’ve been through the fire and out the other side. You can do this.

You survived! As an adult you are at least as strong as the child you once were. Hold onto that.
You Survived! As an adult you have better information and knowledge. Use it!

Please think about this. Be as kind to yourself as you would any stranger on the street who tells you their story. You would never blame or define them. Please don’t define yourself by this one aberration in your life. You were violated and abused! You are not a victim. Your abuser is a criminal.

My abuser was a Rapist and child trafficker. I am not. Neither are you. Be strong. You are not alone, draw strength from that. ~~*~~ Namaste’

4 thoughts on “NO HIDING, NO FAKING, NO MASK

  1. What you say is very true no one is beyond repair. It might seem like it for the minute but healing is for everyone. I also have had a long journey getting better but every step has been worth the work. Do not let the abuser keep winning determine to do the work to reclaim your power put the blame where it belongs back on them. Every one is special and deserves to be treated that way.

  2. So true Annie, If we really want to heal, we will, and it may take a long time, maybe a short time for others. It took me over 15 years to heal, but it was so well worth it. And there are many stories out there, so so horrific,, some not so, but we were all victims, who can become survivors/thrivers if we so want to. Live for your today, and for your tomorrows, the past is gone, “You don’t live there anymore. ” ❤

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