I will be speaking in Eureka Calif With Shattering the Silence Tour! Hope to see you there

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Acquatic Center, 921 Waterfront Drive, Eureka, CA (Room 203)

Annie O’Sullivan, Author, Speaker, BlogTalk host, Can You Hear Me Now is coming home to talk
Kelly Behr, Mountain Goddess Unplugged
Rebecca Kimbel/Author/Speaker/T.V. and Radio Host
Connie Lee/FACSAFoundation.org]

FACSA Foundation (Family and Friends Fighting Against Child Sexual Assault) is hosting the Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project filming a documentary on survivors stories from across the nation, conducting research on how child sexual assault is affecting our local communities, and hosting free public education prevention conferences across the nation, on prevention of child sexual assault and human trafficking. Please Share this link, We would like to reach as many people as possible. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “I will be speaking in Eureka Calif With Shattering the Silence Tour! Hope to see you there

  1. My name is Erin and I’m some what a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I say some what because I’m still fighting everyday and don’t feel I’ve survived anything. I live in a very small town and work and raise my son by myself and have very limited resources for help. Can you recommend anything? Books, videos, anything to help what I’m going thru!! I’m 30yrs old have very few friends and trust no one. I can’t live like this anymore. I need advise/help. Please. Thank you.

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