Please Support “Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project”

We are providing safer environments for children, changing the social stigma of child sexual assault, changing public policies, and have created a paradigm shift for Shattering The Silence of rape, child sexual assault, and human trafficking. You can help a child through the resources we provide, by providing this service for communities, parents, and grandparents to use, by changing public policies, and educating communites on prevention of child sexual assault, by teaching people the most effective tools and resources to heal from truama, and how survivors can thrive, rather than merely exist. We can make a difference together! Please donate what you can.

We would like to invite you to the debut of “The Cries of Nations” performed by the Cahedral City High School Choir and Palm Desert High School Drama Team, for the Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project (,Christophers, Bo Budinsky/Save One Survivor, and It Happens To Boys: Carol Teitlebaum, Randy Boyd, Scott Smith, Daniel Marquez. at the

Salvation Army, 30-400 Landau Blvd.,
Cathedral City, CA,
April 17, 2013, 10-2p.m.

Connie Lee/FACSA Foundation/Founder/President

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