Just asking

If an adult is sexually assaulted… It happens once (most of the time) it is called a sex crime and it is!  It’s called RAPE and its called a tradgedy and it is.  That individual’s life is expected to be forever altered and it is. Everyone is outraged and wants justice

If a child is sexually assaulted…  It happens repeatedly usually over years,  it is called abuse.  It is a SEX Crime.  It is RAPE! It is a tradgedy.  That life will be forever altered.  Everyone wants to look away.  Justice is whatever you can scrapoe up for yourself and they (we)are told to get over it.

Maybe if we start calling it what it really is, people will get it and do somethingto stop it?

Sounds pretty ugly when you say, “She/he was only five when her daddy raped her.  She needs to get over it.  Its over.  Move on!”

Why is a child supposed to be more understanding than any adult this has happened to?


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