Busy? Take a break!

Keeping busy.  Doing things.  Hiding from ourselves behind I don’t have time.  Smiling when we think we should. Having great success at work only to feel like a failure in a relationship.   Crying when no one is looking.  Crying inside when we stop moving and sometimes, because of all the denial we don’t understand why we are sad.

Sound familiar?  I was Rookie of the YEAR, the same year I fell apart, divorced and entered life altering counseling.

Emotions are a funny thing.  I can’t tell you why, I can only say it’s true.  You have to have the feelings sooner or later.  The majorities of survivors has them later, out of context and find them confusing.   Find someone to help you through this confusing time.  Make a decision to be happy, find peace and you will find it.  But first you have to decide and that my friend may be the hardest part of all.  You deserve it.  At least think about it.  If stopping to rest meast being barraged with these emotions, no wonder we can be reluctant to give up all our activity.

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