Mothers Day

Anyone else feel a little sad on Mothers Day?  Anyone feeling little left out, a little conflicted? I agonize over a card as soon as they hit the stores.  I want to buy one.  I  want to participate in that ritual where everyone sends flowery loving cards with poem that declare that this is the best mother and how she is so loved.

I won’t buy that card.  Every year it is the same.  Look for a card that doesn’t compromise MY integrity.

Some years I just send flowers and call it a day.  Sometimes it’s just a card.  It is always more than she deserves.  Mothers Day is Sunday!  I haven’t gotten a card for her yet.  I have framed a photo to send and I am not sure that it will be a wanted gift in its glossy black frame.  I had my photo taken for my book cover and since its the first professional picture I’ve had taken in a while I am sending her one.

Just want to share that you are not alone out there with this.  Many of us doing the same thing… We are still more concerned about their feelings than our own.  Survivors and very good people.   XOXO  Annie


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