I have never gone after a movie before.  Today, it all changed.  I acutally wondered what i would write about today and struggled.  then out of the blue…  there it was… Entertainment.

There is a new movie out.  A Comedy.  No surprise there.  I find the subject matter shocking!  Normally, my simple way to object is to simply not watch, read or listen to it if I find it offensive. I don’t spend my money there.

“That’s My Boy”   A comedy about a thirteen year old who is seduced by his teacher who becomes pregnant.  High fives all around…..

This is not comedy.  This is a slap in the face to all survivors, male and female, of sexual abuse as children.  I try to be open-minded about life and the crass, mindless media that we are bombarded with.  I try to ignore the absurdities.  This goes to far.  Why is this tragedy that is afflicted on children funny?

Check it out….  I hope this gets talked about A LOT!  It’s about MONEY!  Do we really want to spend money promoting something that ruins lives?  Every ticket that is purchased to see this movie is a proclamation that sexual abuse of a child is a joke to laugh about.

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