Who is it really???

The media promotes the thought that if children are taught “stranger” safety and keep away from those they do not know, they are less likely to be sexually abused. However, national statistics show that in over 90% of Child sexual abuse cases the offender is known to the victim. An offender is most often a family member or a relative, a friend of the family, a babysitter or an older child known to the victim.  Why don’t we admit the truth???   Why does the media continue to promote a myth?  They are powerful and could make a real difference yet they do not.

9 thoughts on “Who is it really???

  1. That is so very true. There are so many misconceptions about abuse and for most of my ministry I believed the misconceptions and had no idea about the reality of abuse and how pervasive it is in our society and churches. God opened our eyes 6 years ago and we have been on a mission to wake up others to the truth. http://speakingtruthinlove.org

    • The misconceptions about abuse run very deep. the media does a good job of keeping the myth alive and sensationalizing the scary people down the street. People are often, very often,quite stunned to see what an attractive man my father was, and he was quite charming when he chose to be. Not the image they would like to have of the pedophie next door.

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