Art Therapy

One of the biggest parts of my healing was art therapy. Below is some of my work.

8 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. I see and feel so much from these pieces, the colors, the composition. I’d love to know so much more about each one; the mediums used, so much more; the titles, even the stories behind some of them. Is there any place where I can read descriptions of them or am I missing that here? I believe fully in art therapy, writing therapy. I personally, do not think I would be alive without that outlet. I would have departed this planet. Being able to write, paint, make music and poetry has been my deepest therapy. Thank you for your vulnerability. We are strong thrivers. ❤

    • I used the art therapy to write my book. I haven’t been asked in quite a while, but now that you have brought it up I’m thinking I could write about them. I have more. 💝. Thank you for your thoughts I do agree art therapy can be a powerful tool. It sure was for me

  2. Thank you for your story.I spent many years in and out of hospitals.Dealing with childhood abuse.and you name anyother abuse I was a poster child..But threw my therapy and counciling I became a survivor.In 2006 I lost my Oldest son to drunk driving. I had Him At 15years of age.he was a result from the sexual abuse. He was my Bestfriend. he always asked his friends , you know why my Mother is the Bomb?Her love for me is unconditional.And she spent her life teaching my brothers ,sisters and myself to forgive and to love unconditionaly.And to love others where they are.And always have respect for ourselves and be who we are not what others want us to be.

    • hello annie, its me…emanuela ricci. i deleted my fb account but ill follow u anyway. thanx. emanuela

      • HI!!! I’m so glad you came here. I am so tempted everyday to delete FB. My page has become very unstable. Feel free to comment anytime!

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