August 2 BlogTalk Show! Patsy Giddings! on CASA


CASA! Ever wondered what its like to be a CASA Volunteer? Why its a great thing? How it helps? Join me and Kelly tonight and Welcome Patsy Giddings, CASA Volunteer, Speaker, and Author of Sandy’s Miracle!   Just Follow the link!


I hear so often from survivors, and I was once guilty myself, “I am not who I am supposed to be!” Who do you think that was? Whats wrong with who you are now?

I myself was brought up short with that question when I was lamenting to a counselor, “Look at my life! It’s ruined!”

Who were you supposed to be except happy, able to love and be loved and at peace? You have always been that person. You just got a little lost on the trail because of lies and deceit. Get up, get back on the road with your new map and move forward.

Just be yourself, embrace all the parts of yourself. Sit quietly this morning for just a minute and tell yourself, your inner child, “Your abuser is a criminal who lied to you. You are loved and you can be at peace.”


Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for Annie O’Sullivan. Annie has always been very active on Facebook, and will continue to be. But in this space, she can write more, share more and interact more. We hope you’ll subscribe and continue to check back.

Congratulations to Shirley Neisri who came up with the fantastic name for this blog – Broken Until Spoken. It says so much about us survivors since speaking out is the first step towards healing.

Thank you for coming by, we would love to hear your comments and questions.