Secrecy is Really a 4 Letter Word.

I’ve been overwhelmed with request to fight this or that. Complain more. Talk about (fill in the blank) because afterall it is April and you have the ear of many. I am proud to say this is true. But, I can’t do it all.

Someone is offended because I don’t try to rally people againt Child Protective Services. I don’t. They are correct. I have zero experience to complain about. I have known people who were over worked, offices that have been understaffed and most recently saw two little children who should have been removed from their parents long before they were. The judge was attempting to keep the family, which was and is miserably broken, glued together. Which side are you on? Keeping the child in the home or removing them?

Then there is the teacher or day care worker whose background check was clean. This only means that they weren’t caught previously. Secrecy, shame and unacceptable conversation working to thier advantage.

Someone else is offended that I don’t take on the courts, trafficking, prostitution… I have no real experience here either. hoever, I kknow it is also mired in secrecy and shame.

I wish I had an answer for all this. I don’t. I only know in my heart that the best defense is open conversation. ALL of this must become acceptable to talk about. Take the weapon of secrecy out of the abusers hands.

We are all after all looking for the same end. Safe, happy, well adjusted children to go forward into the future with peaceful hearts to become loving productive adults.